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About Us

Hello Folks! Greetings from Jusprudentia

Jusprudentia Society for Transcendence in Law is a Research and Educational organization registered underSocieties Registration Act, 1860, one of the best emerging of this kind, which is working to provide various opportunities for educational enhancement and empowerment of Law students, all over India and Abroad.

We do it through Legal Awareness Programmes, Internships and Campaigns. Jusprudentia is also a knowledge base of various events being conducted in all the Law Colleges of India and all across the globe. It is a platform for publication of peer reviewed Articles. We have working Journal (Jusprudentia International law Journal).

Jusprudentia, Started with the expectations that it will walk several milestones transcending in law. The idea was to create a website where not only the law students but also a student from social sciences stream somehow related to Legal studies can look for academic and career opportunities. To initiate, Jusprudentia is our determination to keep students, researchers, scholars, academicians and teaching fraternity, updated with all the academic opportunities coming their way, in order to boost their career and promote much wider information dissemination. What we started is now growing muscles and emerging as one of the India’s most leading website for students and faculties. In a very small span, we have planned to share a lot of opportunities. Jusprudentia goes about as a media and gives most recent lawful overhauls.

Learning law is one of the most important features of Jusprudentia that can prove beneficial to students, professors and any other person in the legal field. Various kinds of laws and legal topics are discussed elaborately with case notes to help solve doubts and confusions and to know the law.

In addition to this, various helpful information, tips and techniques related to law school curriculum are also stored by. For example, FAQs related to mooting and others, calls for research papers for reputed journals, career opportunities, and call as interns, editors and much more important information for law school graduates or students are few of the features of Jusprudentia.

Still wondering what “Jusprudentia” is all about? Well, we are of like-minded people promoting the love for the diverse and versatile field of Law. We make sure that what you have in your mind is on our page and we try our best to make sure that it reaches every part of world and brings up together the Legal Luminaries, Lawyers, Law students, as well as those who aspire to be a part of this ever growing and astonishing arena. And wait! Even those who are nowhere related to this field can also approach us with the interest of writing and highlight their work into the big picture.

We vision to provide opportunities to law students who are unable to make use of available opportunities due to poverty and lack of information and encourage their participation and also make them lean and compete in the mainstream we also encourage communication among the students of different parts of india in an effort to regional understanding and cooperation in general, transcendence in legal education. We intended to create a simple user friendly all in one platform for Students, Researchers, Lawyers, Judges, Administrators, Social activists and others for publishing their articles and write-ups and also to make them aware about their rights, duties and sharing information about Right to Information and how such info can be availed and about Laws concerning him via seminars, events, campaigns, press conferences etc. To enable students/law schools to share their news about what’s going on in their law schools which will help that institution to earn reputation by making the world aware about activities going on there and will also help others to avail that benefit and to spread first hand experiences about Internships at different Law Firms by students and information about any Legal Conference, Call for Papers, Essay Writing Competitions, Seminars, Workshops, etc. which needs your attention.

Jusprudentia wants to contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, and to promote social responsibility of students promote Law as a major career option for students and to explore the various job opportunities for Law Students.

We are also seeking out and supporting the welfare work whether in partnership or alone. Major charitable and welfare projects of jusprudentia which will be supported by Law Societies, Institutes or NGO’s. We are also seeking donations / funds / sponsorships for furtherance of these aims and objectives.

We also Provide opportunities viz

You can participate in Internships, Research Work, Certificate Courses, Seminars, Campaigns, Events, Skill Learning, and Advocacy etc.

You can also join and work with us. We have posts for Content Editor, Author, Campus Ambassador, Marketing Coordinator, Associate, Technical Support and Project Manager.These posts are voluntary. You will get recognition; learn various skills and also a Certificate of Appreciation. However you will get added bonus on quality of your work.

We really hope that you enjoy reading the content and promote it at your own level.

Looking forward for your feedback and comments!  

Our People

Our People

Institutional Members

Mr. Shubham Tripathi

 Founder President, CEO

Mr. Kaustubh Mishra

 Founding Executive Manager



Ms.Nancy Srivastava

Executive Manager (News)


Ms. Ritu Saxena

Executive Logistics Manager


Mr. Gaurav Shukla

Executive Manager ( Jus Bulletin)

Recruitment in process


Research Associates

Recruitment in process

Content Managers

Recruitment in process

Steering / Advisory Members 

  • His Excellency Shri Kishri Nath Tripathi

       Honourable Governor West Bengal

  • Justice M.C.Tripathi

       Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Vikas Swaroop

       India’s High Commissioner to Canada.

  • Mr. Vijay Bahadur singh

       Former Advocate-General U.P.

Editorial board

Editor-in-Chief/ Publisher

Shubham Tripathi


Address: 75 Flat A.D.A Colony Stanley Road Allahabad-211002

Associate Editors

Mr. Chandan Sharma

Advocate ,Allahabad High Court Allahabad, India.

Mr. Mohit Mishra

LL.M- Gujrat National Law University, Gujrat, India.


Ms. Sanyukta Singh

LL.M-Cambridge University,U.K.


Mr. Ashish Mishra

LL.M-Leeds University, London,U.K.



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Academicians / Institutions

  • Prof.G.C.Tripathi

       Vice-Chancellor Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

  • Prof.K. P. Mishra.

       Vice-Chancellor Nehru Gram Bharati University, Allahabad

  • Dr. Naveen Chandra Agarwal

        Associate Professor, ADC, Allahabad University

  • Dr. Yogesh Mishra

  • Dr. Ram Naresh Tripathi



  • Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi

Sr.Advocate, Supreme Court

  • Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh

Advocate-General Uttar Pradesh

  • Mr. Kesri Nath Tripathi

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court, Governor-West Bengal

  • Mr. U.M. Sharma

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. A.K.Tripathi

Senior Special Public Prosecutor ,CBI

  • Mr. S. C. Mishra

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Bharatji Agarawal

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Gopal Chaturvedi

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr.Krishnaji Shukla

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Rajesh Pandey

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Vikaas Sahay

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. Vimal Vadhawan

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mr. B. P. Shukla

 Advocate Allahabad High Court

  • Mrs. Bulbul Godiyal

Add. Advocate-General Uttar Pradesh

  • Mrs. Sadhana Upadhyay

Advocate, Supreme Court

  • Mr. Vijay Gautam

Sr. Advocate Allahabad High Court




  • Justice M. C.Tripathi

  • Retd.Justice Girdhar Malviya

  • Justice Arun Tondon

  • Justice Manohar Sahay

  • Justice Suneet Kumar

Law Firms & Companies

  • VAS GLOBAL Advocates & Consultants

  • Mr. Shantanu Shukla, ICICI.

  • Mr. Vijay Mishra , DLF

  • Mr. Virendra Kumar, Director Jagran Prakashan Ltd(Allahabad & Varanasi) 

  • Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Vinayak Group

  • Mr. Vijay Jaiswal, Balaji Food Products

  • Mr. Shyama Charan Gupta, Shyam Group of Companies

  • Mr. Ankur Chaddha, General Manager Dainik Jagran, Kanpur

  • Mr. Siddharth Sharma, SID Group of Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd

  • Mr. Sardar Joginder Singh, Milan Hotel Allahabad.



Media Houses & Media Persons

  • Mr. Anshuman Tiwari

             Editor,India Today

  • Dr. Indu Shekhar Pancholi


  • Mr. Yogesh Mishra

             Editor,Newstrack and Apna Bharat

  • Mr. Nishikant Thakur

           Editor, Shuklapaksh

  • Mr. Mohd.Nadeem

            Political Editor,Nav Bharat Times

  • Mr. Ramdutt Tripathi

             Former Bureau Head, BBC India

  • Mr. Suneel Shukla

             Deputy Director News, Doordarshan

  • Mr. Prashant Mishra

             Political Editor, Dainik Jagran

  • Mr. Vijay Tripathi

             Editor Amar Ujala ,Kanpur

  • Mr.Vishnu Prakash Tripathi

             Executive Editor, Dainik jagran, Delhi & NCR

  • Mr. N K Singh

             Secretary General, Indian Broadcasting Federation

  • Mr. Subhash Mishra

             Asst. Editor, Times of India, Lucknow.

  • Mrs. Mala Dixit

             Legal Correspondent (Supreme Court) ,Dainik Jagran

  • Mr. Pratap Somvanshi

             Editor Hindustan, Delhi

  • Mr. Shesh Narayan Singh

             Panel Member, ABP News

  • Mr. Harish Chandra Singh

             Editor, Amar Ujala, Dehradun

  • Mr. Raghvendra Chaddha

             Editor Dainik Jagran, Dehradun

  • Mr. KrishnaJi Shukla

             Legal Correspondent Dainik Jagran

  • Mr. Anuraj Shukla

             Special Correspondent, News Express

  • Mr.Abhishek pandey

            Crime Reporter Dainik Jagran, Bareilly

  • Mr. Rajesh Pandey  

 Legal Correspondant, Times of India



  • Mr. Amrit Abhijaat, Principle Secretary

  • Mr. Jeevesh Nandan, Principal Secretary

  • Mr. Praveeer Kumar, Principal Secretary

  • Mr. Ashish Goyal, IAS

  • Mr. Rajeev Agarawal, IAS

  • Mr.R. S. Pandey, Ad. Director, Information Directorate

  • Mrs. Zarina Usmani, President Women Rights Protection Commission

  • Mr. Navneet Sehgal, Principal, Secratory, Information & Brodcasting Department , UP

  • Mr.A.P. Mishra, Electricity Board UP



Government & Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Preeti Saha, UNICEF

  • Mahadevi Memorial Charitable Society


  • Jagriti Pahel

  • Election Watch



  • Balaji Food Products

  • Sid Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vinayak Group.

  • Shyam Group of Companies

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