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Advertise Products, Services, Courses: Reach-out to Law Students in India

In case you have a course, a produce or a service for law students in India, the best way to advertise & market that is via Jusprudentia!

Law student/law school events like call for papers, moot courts, essay competitions etc. are published on Jusprudentia free of cost.

We proudly and conclusively stake a claim to being the most trusted website for law students in India.

Our content (internship experiences, legal opportunities, law career advice) exclusively caters to law students thus making a frequently visited space.

Here are a few easy ways in which you can advertise on Jusprudentia:

  • Banner ads: Top banner, side banner ads

  • Sponsored posts

  • Social media campaigns on Facebook

  • Referral based campaigns

Physical marketing:

Jusprudentia will campus recruits (student administrators, marketeers and journalists) spread across law colleges in India.

Jusprudentia’s campus recruits act as an easy contact point for physical advertising and marketing in the college. The campus recruits can help advertisers in the following ways:

  • Ensure college focused word-of-mouth publicity

  • Put-up notices/banners in oft-frequented areas in the college

  • Distribute pamphlets/brochures etc. to the college’s students

  • Assist you in reaching out to the college’s administration

The costs for engaging a college Representative are extra.

We can of course create bespoke marketing/advertising plans, depending on your needs. Discounts, in case you want to advertise for 3 months or more too are available.

In case you are interested in advertising with us, please email us at

Media/Publicity Partnership:

We become media/publicity partners for events like moot court competitions, fests, essay competitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, quizzes, MUNs, law journals etc.

In case you are interested in having Jusprudentia as your media/publicity partner. Fill in the Form.

The Jusprudentia is one of the leading online (Not for Profit) information portals for law, social sciences and management students, faculties and research scholars across India. We publish upcoming career opportunities, including internships, publications in reputed law journals, paper presentations on national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, among others. We stand apart in terms of frequency and coverage of our posts.


  • Publication of all the essential information about the event on our website which records more than a month;

  • Promotion of the event among more than 10,000+ followers of our website and Facebook page/groups. The followers of our website include not only law students from all the premier national law schools in India, but also teachers, academicians, and research scholars from diverse streams like, social sciences, commerce, management, etc.;

  • Promotion of the events across India through our representatives (Lead Information Providers) in various colleges, including all the top notch national law schools and Government colleges;

  • Sending personal email notifications to the possible interest groups about the event and sharing the information with specific Google groups in different colleges;

  • Sharing the information with our Knowledge Partners and Media Partners For the Sake of Argument and many more.

  • Any further steps which might be required to ensure that the event/initiative gets wide coverage and promotion.

  • Catering to the specific need of the Sponsor as per the instructions provided.


Submitting a Post on Jusprudentia is Easy and Free

 Just submit it here

However, you must read the details below.

Before submitting a post, please get to know a bit about Jusprudentia. Jusprudentia is India’s emerging website for law students and is expected to be read by great no of readers. Unfortunately, we do NOT have any worthy competitors for now!

If you have any opportunity, event, write-up, news etc. which is for law students (or even job openings targeting young lawyers), you can send it across to us and be rest assured of reaching your desired audience.

We publish all such posts for free. Yes, that’s how much we care about law students.

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