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CV Format


General Instructions for Preparing an effective CV


1.      Please run a spell check on your CV

2.      Make sure the formatting (font colour, bullet types, alignment of the text etc) is uniform throughout. Aesthetics are important.

3. A consistent font and font size is used throughout, except where clearly specified

4. Line-spacing is 1.5. The CV should not look cramped for space. Let it breathe!

5. Dates should be clearly mentioned, preferably at the end of the bullet point which speaks of any achievement. Make sure      you follow a reverse chronological order (latest things in a particular category come first).

6.Text is left aligned or justified, whichever looks better

7.The CV should be 2 pages long (maximum). Cut out the unnecessary parts, keep only the important parts. For example, if you have attended 10 conferences and are applying for a law firm job, keep the biggest/best 3-4 which were on related topics (corporate law, for example).

8.      In case you want to highlight something, please make that text bold or italicised.

9.      Things like sex, marital status should NOT be mentioned.

10.  Make sure that your CV looks and reads professional.   


To get Sample CV Format Click  CV Format

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