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Jusprudentia Litigators
Public Awareness

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Services of Jusprudentia, one of the innovative legal aid offering works to empowers the poor and the disadvantaged with varied legal entitlements. Functioning with the help of our links and social activists, we will be providing free legal aid, including litigational support and legal literacy, to a wide range of sufferers. The decision to initiate this division of Jusprudentia is to serve the cause of legal aid for the poor and vulnerable sections in India we have a vision to go a long way. Our links will add value to our awareness and advocacy initiatives.

In this era of globalized transformations and structural adjustments, Jusprudentia is striving hard to redress grievances of people experiencing harassment and inconvenience in protracted legal matters. Our legal clinics and Lok-Adalats (people’s courts and courts of reconciliation) create a thriving culture of alternative dispute resolution. Future plans have also been drafted to open up a short-stay shelter for destitute women.

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