Every Law student in India is assigned to exercise project or assignments which comprises of around 1000 to 10000 words per project; which may be very well researched or plagiarized from Wikipedia or from other sources. Many students also make subject ‘notes’ which go waste after being being used individually protecting from others to use or by sharing with the class.

But at the end all these projects , assignments and notes finally goes waste that is why we the Jusprudentia extend our hands through Jusacademics to safeguard all of them .

Even if not all projects are works of exceptional piece of writing and research, these can serve as a good starting point, a good literature review, a good over-view to build upon. Some of these are actually exceptional works, and deserve a wider audience and comments from those who care.

Jusprudentia intends to provide all this.

Jusprudentia will serve as a platform to publish legal research papers, articles and notes of all kinds. With our free and open access policy and liberal commenting guidelines, the research papers can be studied and commented upon by anyone with an access to internet.

The brilliant research papers and notes which get published on Jusacademics will receive a certificate of excellence from Jusprudentia.

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