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MUNS | Malicious Union of Nepotistic Nincompoops OR Kim Kardashians Parading as a Foreign Policy Exp

In my opinion, MUNs are a disease in this country that have resulted in creating a bunch of pompous fake accented, imbecilic, obsessively self aggrandizing pseudo intellectual morons who proclaim themselves to be scholars of international law and expert diplomats who have magical solutions to almost every problem in the world.

It’s an absolutely hopeless activity which is further from resembling what it seeks to simulate than KRK is from SRK.

Please note: I accept that there are a lot of good people who are ‘muners’ but they are an extremely small minority and most of these people are competent in their own regard and don’t need to be felicitated or called “respected chairperson” by a bunch of naïve, unware and unknowing school/college kids to be regarded as competent.

Firstly, so, as far as ‘muning’ goes I see on a daily basis how these Conferences have spread across schools and colleges in India, and the result is that these MUN’s have become the standard for determining who the smartest and coolest people are in every school.

Students who do well and win “best delegate” are considered to be knowledgeable and eloquent.

I’ll say this very honestly, winning a MUN may be big deal in school where no one knows anything, but if people think that winning this shit at college levels counts as anything more than the shit buried under the 50 feet of shit referred to by Brad Pitt in Money Ball, then they’ve got their head so deep in their ass that one literally needs to call the plumber to restore sanity.

Winning a MUN involves sounding like a sane person in a group idiots, Wikipedia supplies most of the research, all of which is blurted out with no understanding by the person saying and on most occasions is not even disputed by the “executive board” most of whom are already busy oggling the girl in the shortest skirt and couldn’t give a shit about who’s saying what let alone how absurd it is.

People who win usually just say the same things they say in every MUN with none of it ever being questioned, mostly because the “chair” doesn’t know much him/herself. (Some chair’s are good but they are usually the exception).

The first world nations all want to build Mc Donalds in every third world country whilst asking them to not develop nuclear weapons and the 3rd world countries hate the rich countries and they want an idealistic change in how the world works.

This is exactly how most ‘blocs’ break up, there isn’t really any logic involved in the whole process just stupid narratives carried out by a bunch of unaware children.

The resolution making and un moderated caucuses are a joke, people just scramble and ask anybody who they can find to come up with a resolution, those are the moments the real former foreign ministers/leaders must really be turning and twisting in their graves.

And the most absurd part of this is that at end, the result is that all the so called ‘blocs’ virtually have the same resolution (90% atleast ) because people have know idea of drafting and all of them copy it from the same original GA resolution they find online.

Eventually a bunch of idiots have to be given prizes for wasting 3 days while making everyone think they participated in the drafting of the Magna Carta.

Secondly, MUN’s result in breeding a lot nitwits and tinpot orators who masquerade as foreign policy experts and scholars of international law.

These people parade like intellectuals but the truth is that they are more empty than jails in Netherlands as far as actual knowledge goes and far as bullshit goes they’re more filled with more bullshit than jails in UP.

The worst part isn’t the MUN itself but how these wannabes strut around on a daily basis while making insanely bold claims filed with gas.

These people actually think that they’ve achieved something in life after having spoken amongst a group of idiots and making the same copy pasted talking points in front them while.

Some of these idiots even end up being on the “executive board” which resembles a bunch of glorified clerks who pretend like they know everything that happens in front of them.

They’ll boast oooh “I headed this terrorist organization/ mosad/ SC” as if they actually headed it despite them having no to less than no knowledge of these entities.

It’s a glorified fancy dress party and the people who believe that it has a semblance of applicability to how the world works are outright delusional.

The guy who’s a delegate is simply deluded and the person who’s the EB is either delusional too or is looking to pocket some cash and some “other benefits.”

Thirdly, and most importantly, these MUN’s are a bunch of sleazy and incestuous gathering places where people can feel smart about being dressed in formals and people can make other people feel smart by dressing the right way.

Lets face it, we know why people wear miniskirts or unbuttoned shirts rather turning up with some research, its not because they’re all that dumb but because even they know that the culture of these MUNs needs them to comply with these norms because everything is about “discretion.”

The MUN’s also provide a large number frustrated individuals with the delusional opportunity that they’ll “score” because they show up in formals.

All it results in, are people falling on others, denying it later and then people using/manipulating such situations to mark up their own score.

That’s pretty much all these stupid MUNs are about ‘cheap social gatherings parading as international conferences’ it’s the equivalent of Kim Kardashian parading as a foreign policy expert.

So that’s my verdict on MUNs after seeing them for 5 years, please note: none of the words used above directly relate a person (just indirectly i.e. if you know such people) Have fun Cheers!

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