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Law School Well-Being

If you are planning to join a law school or currently pursuing a course in a law school, then this article is just for you. And its validity remains unquestionable because it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. To describe life of a law student is pretty tough if a person is not acquainted to the atmosphere in law school. Moreover, it becomes even more difficult to advise someone for their well-being at a place where all forces conspire against it. I’ll begin with the very first semester itself.

  • First semester of law school — where do I begin? Well, for starters, I can say that nothing about law school, in general, comes as a huge surprise during the first few months. The readings are long and difficult, the cold calls are dreadful, and the competitive spirits lurk right beneath the surface of conversations with classmates. And at times you are bound to feel whether you’re in a law school or in a Big Boss. However, your seniors will show you the way out.

  • Your life will change dramatically and you’ll feel the essence of law everywhere around you. From your facebook walls/statuses to your youtube suggestions. You’ll notice your law school buddies tagging you in law memes every now and then.

  • Your interactions are going to be confined to only two categories of people i.e. your professors and your classmates.

  • Law school is nothing like undergrad. Students show up to class and are diligently taking notes from beginning to end of the class period. The only time anyone ever misses class is when they are extremely ill or are out of town. Basically, your classmates care just as much as you do about anything that there is to care about. Sure, it helps to think that you are your own biggest competitor, but in all honesty, you’re surrounded by competition.

  • Coming to the food – Well Don’t worry it’s not that bad. And at times it is, as germans says – Schmecken lecker (tastes delicious). However, you’ll definitely crave for the sandwiches prepared by your Mom or the ‘ghar ka Khaana’.

  • But coming to the most important part, you got to be extremely vigilant and dedicated towards your goals and career plans because “Life at law school is just a short lived dream”.

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