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[Abstract Submission Date Extended]Jusprudentia World Peace Summit 2018


Jusprudentia- Society for Transcendence in Law and is pleased to announce “Jusprudentia World Peace Summit 2018” Pray for Peace on 1st April 2018(Sunday) to create a unique opportunity to gather a thriving community of peace activists and visionaries from different fields, such as Judges, Lawyers, Professors, social Activists, Political Leaders, representatives, Ministers, entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, Journalists, scholars, teachers, students, civil society and professionals, in order to share brainstorm ideas, launch initiatives, and share an unforgettable experience of solidarity in unfolding our vision of world peace. . It’s a great opportunity to hear them and to connect and collaborate with all and will provide all groups with a platform to share ideas and create concrete strategies for developing cooperation for peace.

It is a platform to share best practices and develop collaborative strategies in areas of education, human rights, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution, and other global issues guided by a vision of One Family under God. Jusprudentia dedicated to building a world of peace in which everyone can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation, and prosperity. Peace is not simply the absence of war or a term that applies only to the relationships among nations. Peace is an essential quality that should characterize all relationships.

Everyone has a role in the peace-building process. Jusprudentia World Peace Summit In today’s interconnected society, comprehensive cooperation among various sectors is essential for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful future. To discuss establishing collaborative governance between governments and civil societies, the Jusprudentia World Peace Summit 2018 will be held with the following objectives:

• To develop education and a culture of peace

• To tackle Global issues.

• Establishing Rule of Law

• To ensure Sustainable Development

• To foster harmony amongst religions

Venue: Paryatan Bhawan Lucknow.


The Jusprudentia Peace Award is dedicated to the ones who have contributed their entire life to promoting a realm of peace, prosperity and coexistence in which people can thrive as “one family under God.” Who lived with the motto “walking in the shoes of a servant with the heart of a parent, shedding sweat for earth, tears for humankind and blood for heaven?”

The peaceful world that humankind longs for can only be built upon a comprehensive foundation of peace among nations and peace among religions. Beginning with protecting family values and the sanctity of marriage and with cultivating mature human character, peace is grounded in individuals and families and expanded throughout the globe.

Reconciliation, coexistence and cooperation between diverse groups of people, representing differing values and interests, as well as care for the environment are all key ingredients of the peace envisioned by Jusprudentia. Moreover, peace is the highest and ultimate value sought by people throughout history. Many righteous and capable individuals have dedicated themselves and sacrificed their lives for this noble ideal.

The Jusprudentia Peace Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated themselves for the cause of peace and honors them for their work, thereby lighting a beacon of hope that can shine upon each person on earth who yearns for a world of peace.

The award ceremony is to be held at the Valedictory ceremony of The Summit.


  • Participation as Delegate( Paper Presenter)

  • Participation as Delegate (Attendee).

The participants will get an opportunity to listen and interact with the Speakers.

Call for Papers:

We cordially invite the academicians, researchers, representatives of the Civil Society and student research scholars to submit their research papers on the sub-themes to be covered in different technical sessions during the National Conference. Interested participants may submit soft copy of the abstracts and full papers to the organizing committee be sending it on


  • Culture of International Unity and Peace

  • Peace Education, Cross Cultural Understanding

  • Unity of Religions, Interfaith Dialogue

  • Role of Civil Societies, Media and Education

  • Peace and Economy

  • Tackling Global issues and Global Governance

  • Terrorism

  • Ethnic and Civil War

  • Nuclear disarmament

  • Conflict resolution

  • Need for Global Governance Structure

  • U.N Reform

  • Need for a new world order on democratic lines and structure of global democracy.

  • Sustainable Development

  • Climate Change

  • Environment and Sustainable Development

  • International Environment Law

  • Global Population growth, poverty and malnutrition.

  • Sharing of Natural Resources

  • Human Rights, Rule of Law and International law Enforceability

  • Creating awareness for and protection of Human Rights

  • Gender Equality

  • Rape as a Culture

  • Beggary

  • Women and Child rights and Abuse

  • Refugee

  • Migration of Labors

  • Right to privacy

  • Intellectual Property rights

  • Enforceable World law and empowering world judiciary

  • International Judicial Activism

Procedure for Submission of Abstracts:

Your Abstract (of about 300 words) should be sent as an attachment in a word file. Abstracts will be peer reviewed before they are accepted. The abstract has to be sent by mail at

Guidelines for Paper Submission

  • The Principal of the paper should be followed by Name, Designation, Name of the Organization / University / Institution and Email address. It is mandatory to mention Email address as all future correspondence will be through it.

  • Name and details of Co-author, if any.(Co-authors not more than two)

  • The paper should be typed in MS WORD format (preferably 2007 or 2010)

  • The paper must be in single column lay out with margins justified on both sides.

  • The sub heading should be in font size 12, bold and Times New Roman, left aligned.

  • The main text should be in font size 12, Normal, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing and Justified.

  • The length of paper should not exceed 6,000 words (including footnotes). Exceeding the word limit may lead to rejection of papers.

  • All references must be in the form of footnotes with font size 10 and should be according to the Bluebook 20th Edition.

Publication Opportunity

All papers accepted for the summit may be published as an edited book with ISBN number.

Registration Fee (Paper Presentation)

  • Students: Rs.1000 INR or 50$

  • Faculty/ Research Scholar: Rs.1200 INR or 100$

  • Professionals: Rs.2000 INR or 200$

  • Presentation in Absentia: Rs.1700 INR or 150$

Registration Fee (Delegate as Attendee): 500 INR or 100$

Important Date

  • Conference Dates: 1st April, 2018

Who Should Attend?

  • Students

  • Research Scholars/Faculties

  • Corporate Delegates

  • Representatives of Civil Societies

  • Business entities

Rules for the Participates:

  • No abstract or full paper shall be accepted after the last date of submission respectively.

  • Participants / Paper Presenters have to register after the acceptance of abstract with payment of required fees.

  • For participation, registration is mandatory on confirmation of the participation. Only registered participants will be allowed to take part in Conference.

  • All the registered participants will be provided access to all sessions of the Summit and kit.

  • All Co-authors have to register separately.

Note: The authors and Co-authors both must register separately

The registration fee includes conference kit, lunch, High Tea, entry to all Technical session, and Certificates.

Mode of Presentation

  • Paper Presentation

  • PowerPoint Presentation

Mode of Registration

Registration may be paid through NEFT or Paytm/UPI

The delegates should send the receipt with the form sent by mail to be filled after the selection of abstract including the details of payment to Both the Mail Ids: and

Registration for Attendees

Register by filling this form after depositing the fees Registration for Attendee

Note:The delegates have to arrange for the accommodation themselves or the accommodation will be chargeable.

The registration fee includes Registration Kit, Breakfast, Lunch, and refreshment (Other arrangements you have to make it yourself).

For Brochure Click here

For Poster click here

Organizing Team

Event Convener:

  • Shubham Tripathi, Founder President, Jusprudentia-Society for Transcendence in Law.


Phone Number: +91-8299252438


  • Nainshy Srivastava, Head of External Affairs


Phone Number: +91-8299318802

  • Ritu Saxena, Executive Logistic Manager

Phone Number: +91-8840159216


For any queries, feel free to drop email to or call us on +91- 8299252438, 8299318802, 8840159216

Website: -

Address: - Jusprudentia-Society for Transcendence in Law- Regd. Office: 75 Flat A.D.A Colony Stanley Road Allahabad-211002.

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