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"Remove anonymous defamatory Content" Delhi HC to hush websites

The Delhi High Court has ordered the Hush website, an online platform that allows employees of a company to anonymously post comments, gossip, and rumor about their colleagues, bosses and office culture, to remove slanderous comments about the cab service provider ‘Ola’ from its webpage. The Court, while scrutinizing the Hush websites’ user app, has observed that some of the posts on the app reveal certain confidential business information about the company and also that the posts are defamatory to Ola and its employees. The HC has further directed the Hush website to furnish in a sealed cover, the names and addresses of the persons who posted such slanderous comments about the cab service provider. ANI Technologies, which is the parent company of Ola, had earlier moved an application in the Delhi High Court to remove the confidential information and defamatory comments which were hosted on Hush against the cab service provider. The LinkedIn profile of the Bangalore-based Hush states that it enables conversations between employees of the same company as well as others in the same industry to discuss issues without the fear of retribution by not disclosing their identities.

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