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Internship Opportunity at ILDR, Ministry of Law & Justice: Applications Open

Institute of Legislative Drafting and Research, Legislative Department in the Ministry of Law and Justice offers VOLUNTARY INTERNSHIP SCHEME FOR LAW STUDENTS pursuing their 4th and 5th year Five Year integrated bachelor degree in law or pursuing final Year of 3 years bachelor degree in Law from recognised law colleges in the country.

The purpose of the Scheme is to motivate students in creating interest in legislative drafting as a profession. The Scheme would help the students to enhance their legislative drafting skills and secure knowledge about the nature and working of the Legislative Department. After the completion of the internship, it is expected that the interns would go out of the Legislative Department with deeper understanding of its functioning.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Every application under the Scheme shall be in the Form annexed and shall be recommended by the Dean or Head of the Department of the Institution, where the student is pursuing studies.

  2. The internship shall be opened throughout the year.

  3. Application form shall be accompanied by a brief note not exceeding 250 words indicating applicant’s interest in legislative drafting.

  4. ILDR reserves the right to select the interns and to revise the Scheme as and when found necessary.

  5. Preference shall be given to students who have opted for legislative drafting as one of the subjects of study.

  6. Duration of the internship shall be between four to six weeks.

  7. No remuneration, allowance or expense shall be payable by ILDR under the Scheme and no employment liability shall be undertaken by it.

  8. Maximum number of interns selected shall be five at any point of time.

  9. Interns may have no access to files or folders in hard or electronic form, which are of classified or secret in nature and they may be restricted entry into any section, wing, chamber or room in the Legislative Department.

  10. Interns shall be available in the Legislative Department during the working hours and shall be required to sign the daily attendance register.

  11. Interns may be allowed to use the library of the Ministry of Law and Justice only for reference purposes.

  12. Interns may be assigned any responsibility relating to study, research or other work in connection with the functioning of the Department, and any material prepared by the interns shall be the property of the Department.

  13. Interns may work under the supervision of any officer to be decided by the Department.

  14. Any responsibility relating to study, research or other work in connection with the functioning of the Department undertaken by the intern shall be evaluated by the Legislative Department.

  15. Interns may be required to present a report at the completion of internship.

  16. A certificate of internship shall be issued by ILDR to the intern only on successful completion of the internship.

How to apply

The application form given in the notification link below may be duly filled and forwarded to Branch Officer, ILDR, 416 ‘D’ Wing, Legislative Department, Ministry of Law and Justice, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001, or emailed to



For official notification, click here.

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